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I have 2500 miles on my 2014 Overland.

Today, while going through St. Louis, I selected a Fav to go to. The route calculation screen came up, the map showed the whole route, but the percent complete stayed at 0% - never changed. Tried to go to a burger place 1/4 mile away - no luck. I tried again and while it said it was calculating, I chose OPTION - SHORTEST and got the dark screen with the sequencing dots. I could not get any other Nav screen (BACK did not work). I could still run the radio.

Got out my Garmin to navigate through the city and towards Texas.

A while later, I pulled over, turned the engine off, and let the display time out and go black. Everything worked fine after that.

I sent an email to Tech Support asking if there was a way to reset the Nav while moving. They told me to see my dealer to diagnose it.

A few hours later, the Nav volume was faint. I checked Nav volume and it was at 10 - I thought I had set it to 18 weeks ago. I increased it to 18 and it sounded normal.

1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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