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Thank you very much for this. This worked for me, first try. I wish I had skipped to page six, I drove all over the damn town watching the screen freeze up at 11. This was very easy, the bezel just pops right out. I did it at night with a flashlight, and it still didn’t even take as long as the update itself.

Anyone new to this thread, if you’re reading this, sorry, you obviously have the same issue as so many of us and it’s too late to just leave it alone, but follow the steps JJBBQ laid out and forget about trying 30 times to install the update. Never mind disconnecting the battery or reformatting your flash drive thingy. I don’t know what it did, but it worked, and now I won’t have to listen to the wife gripe about nothing working in the Jeep.
I followed this, combining a few of the posts, after the 2nd attempt failure…and even tried driving around in the 2nd attempt
1. Disconnected neg. battery cable to clear memory etc
2. Removed HU from dash and disconnected all cables. I took a pic of connections before disconnecting.
3. Took the back plate off the HU per mentioned instructions and disconnected the air card cable from board and card, then reconnected. Replaced back plate.
4. Reassembled everything after 1hr and reran the upgrade… Worked like a charm. HU boots faster than ever! Nav synced after driving around for 2 min.

I don’t believe the 3G is a factor as I was in my garage and only get 1 bar LTE in there.

Thank you for these instructions!
141 - 141 of 141 Posts