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Hello Everyone. Sorry for my ignorance, but I'm really in the dark about the Uconnect devices (and the MyGig, Lockpin, etc). I have the 130 res with the Uconnect Voice Command and Bluetooth. I would like to upgrade the system to a unit with the touch screen, primarily for the purpose of installing a backup camera. I have been looking on e-bay for a 430n, but am having difficulty knowing if it will fit my JGC. Many of the 430n units on e-bay will state that they fit Dodge or Chrysler - are all 430n units the same? If the units are specific to an auto make and model, is there a place in which I can find all Uconnect model numbers that will fit a 2013 JGC?
Will the installation of the touch screen Uconnect be a reasonably easy plug and play, or is there required dealer programing and registration?
Can a backup camera be connected to any Uconnect media center that has a screen?
Thank you for your comments and advice :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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