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Uconnect radio latest GPS Sat Nav Maps (Navigation Maps)

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What version maps do you guys currently have on you Vp3 / Vp4 radios?
How would you like version 21 which is 2022 Q4?

FCA / Stellantis currently sells as their latest maps the 2021 Q4. (version 19) as a discount ($99 instead of $150) they are preparing to stock up 2022 Q2 for the summer. (they always discount the previous version before they bring a newer one, which is still not the latest)

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Would you buy two versions from the latest for a discount? Or buy one from last at full price? :)
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I don't necessarily update every year, so I buy the newest version I can get - whenever I purchase. To each, his own.
Gotcha... What version are you on now?
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