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Uhaul vs. Dealer for Hitch Install

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I am looking to attach a trailer hitch to my 2014 Grand Cherokee Limited RWD. I was told that it is already prewired for a trailer hitch.

I contacted both Uhaul and my local dealership. Uhaul quoted me $270 for hitch, wiring, and install. The dealership quoted me $241 for just the hitch and than another $271 for installation.

My two concerns are:

1) Appearance - With the Uhaul hitch, will it look like a uhaul job (blatently an aftermarket accessaory) or will it look as though it comes from the dealership.

2) Resale Value - Is one option better than another in terms of resale value or even warranty?

Any insight or if anyone has any photos of Uhaul trailer hitches on their '14 Grand Cherokee I would greatly appreciate it!
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Also the wiring harness to be activated by a dealer that's how they get ya. they have to tell the TIPM to send power down the line.

This is how it was on previous years that had tow added later.
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