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Update on Factory Service Manual CD

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Back in March I ordered a Factory Service Manual CD from TechAuthority and it turned out to be unusable on anything but older versions of Windows and only with Internet Explorer 8 or earlier.

Later versions would not render the Adobe SVGs that made up many of the wiring diagrams and illustrations.

This has now been revised and though you need Internet Explorer 10 (and can discard the Adobe plugin) it does work on Windows 8 devices and upgraded Windows 7. XP users with IE 6 will still need the plugin (included on the CD).

About 100MB of "something" has been added but the important thing is that it now works on current devices (still no Firefox, or Android, iOS, or OS/X or Chrome though). I do have to blow up to 200% to read the text on a 24" monitor but is now displayed so we can see the pinouts.

It appears to being treated as a slipstreamed update and will be used for new orders of the same part number (for 2012 WK2s it was 81-370-12064-CD ). People who bought the CD since it became available for the WK2s (in March) should be able to contact TechAuthority and request the updated CD.

The wheels grind exceedingly slow...

ps my copy does include info on the 3.0 Turbo Diesel but probably not the blue one.
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Can anybody tell me who has this manual whether it identifies that the WK2 has a AC Compressor Clutch relay?

One isn't identified here:
Great find.. thanks very much
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