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2007 Grand Cherokee
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Hello all!
I recently purchased a 07 Overland with 101k miles. It has the nasty "hemi tick" but runs smooth. So not sure what route I am going to travel with that. I had the exhaust manifold bolts replaced assuming the broken ones were causing the noise. Not the case. So its internal. I think I might just grab another engine from the yard and slowly rebuild with some minor upgrades. Any suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated. Here are somethings I am not sure about:

- Will a 04 Engine work with my 07? What years in general will convert easily?
- Non MDS engine converting to MDS possible?
- Eagle heads on the early non eagle engines with EGR?

I will add any more questions I have as I think of them. Honestly, I am kinda excited about doing a build for this rig. I enjoy driving it a lot!

My previous Jeep History:
1991 XJ 4.0
1990 XJ 4.0
1999 XJ 4.0
2003 WJ 4.0
1 - 2 of 2 Posts