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Correction, biodiesel has a higher flashpoint (temperature at which it ignites).

The "less energy" can mean a couple things. The calorific energy density of biodiesel is lower than petrol. But it can also refer to the amount of useable energy extracted by the engine, which is a function of efficiency of combustion.

[rant] There are claims in both directions about how biodiesel performs on this front. A lot depends on engine design, which are presently optimized toward petrodiesel. Fuel sensors and adaptive tuning are in the development pipeline, but for now, the focus seems to be on fleet shipping trucks. Meanwhile, consumer vehicles will continue down the path of lower complexity/cost/flexibility. [/rant]

Anyway, the cold comfort is no fuel-sensor forensic trail to bite you during the maintenance nightmare that will result if you fail to follow the guidance.

Well... short of draining your tank and testing... there's no way for them to know...

The Computer may have some info, (as Bio has a lower flashpoint, and thus, less energy) but, that's about it.
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