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Vinyl roof

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Finally getting installed! Looks great!


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Cool. ..we need to start the black roof club!
Hahah yea we do. But I did it alittle different than yours. I didn't go on to the wing above the rear window. I may add it at some point but for now it's still DCR wing
What are they charging you guys for this mod?
Well I got it done for free because me and my buddy who installed it needs to custom metal cutting done so we are swapping services. It was a good hook up. The antenna was an absolute pain in the ars!!!!!!! Atleast for us it was
agreed, I'm getting mine done today :D
the more the merrier
Post up pics
yes we do!
Tom we should start a black roof club and the first to have SRT domes for the key fob!!! Hahah just saying
Haha send me an SRT cut out for the garage
Hahaha PM sent
Did you do the gloss black or flat black on the roof? I kinda like my white shark fin, thought about doing a strip over it and leaving the sides white but just seems like such a pita so left it. Did you have to use 3 separate pieces on it?
Gloss black and I cut around the shark fun. Alittle bit of a pain in the ass but it was worth it
Oh you didn't remove the shark fin when you installed the roof? I meant 3 pieces to cover the fin.

Edit: I think I read that wrong, did you vinyl the shark fin or was cutting around it the pita?
Cut around the shark fin! As Scott said I wasn't dropping the headliner
1 - 8 of 22 Posts
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