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waffle towels ftw!!!

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so i finally picked one tonite on the way home and all i can say is HOLY SH*T i can't believe it took me that long to get one!!! they are amazing and make drying 100x easier and for everyone who has dark cars, they don't leave the water marks like traditional mf towels do!!!! i picked mine up from autozone and it was $10 but well worth it to me!!! i did the cd test and no scratches on it either!!! i know i could have gotten a brand name one but i hate waiting for shupping so i just went out and got it.. so if anyone was thinking about getting one def get one!!! you wont regret it
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I will pick one up.
well worth it joe!!!! its 36" by 36" so its pretty big as well!!!!

ps - i got my foam applicator pads!!! SWIRLX here i come!!!
I use a waffle weave towl also and they are awesome!! I love mine!
So Autozone did have the app pads?
not the meguair's but another brand name so i'm going to try them. the waffle towel is the autozone brand im sure i can google and find out who makes their MF towels
I like the waffle weaves too...but I have one problem with them...they get caught in the emblems and the thread pulls.....I hate that!
LOLOLOL dude i did that 4-5 times today!!! i went back and talked to the guy at auto zone and he's gonna let me exchange it tom!!!! so from now on ill just use a nice plush one that i got for around the emblems!!!! it got some nice runs in it today!!!
You should just debadge!

Problem solved!
I like the waffle weaves too...but I have one problem with them...they get caught in the emblems and the thread pulls.....I hate that!
Not if you take all the badges off Scott! :p
Maybe I am the only one who loves the name on their vehicle??? I want eveyrone to know that I am kicking their ass in a jeep!!! LOL!!!!

Back on track, I love the waffle weave towels, but I go with what is most accessable at that time!
from now on i will be using a bib plushy towel around the emblems and the waffle everywhere else!
i use microfiber !
alex they are microfiber just a diff texture to help absorb water and not to leave water marks
Microfiber towels leave water marks?? How do you get rid of them?
.....they dont leave watermarks if your careful......
yeah dude reg MF towels leave those stupid watermarks but the waffleweave MF towels dont!!!! i was shocked!!!!! especially on our brilliant black trucks
I have some royal blue two sisde plush from chemical guys that are awesome for drying.....
link???? pics???? comparison shots????
you posted the link to them Irf. Remember...they had 3 for $9.99. I bought 12
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