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I am looking to do the same three things. I already have the CAI. And as soon as I recover my budget from sending my son to first year of college and the drives back and forth I will be purchasing the Diablo Tuner. In some ways I wish I got the V8, but when I was looking the only v8's out there in the limited or overland package were more than 4k above the 3.6 limited that I bought. I really would have liked the Hemi and the power and dual exhaust. But for gas mileage at times I like the v6.

Has anybody else done the 3 mods listed to the V6 and what are your opinions and results.

Thanks this sight has been great
I put the super 10s flowmasters
Resonator resonator delete rear muffler delete and waiting on my cold air intake
81 - 82 of 82 Posts