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What are you paying for service such as factory recommended and dealer recommended? Below is a price list from the dealership that does work on my WK, when needed. I actually have a good relationship with them although I hear horror stories from others about their dealership service dept experience. These are the prices for a WK 3.7 w/ 4X4. Feel free to give your opinion about these prices are fair? I'm open for comparing notes, anytime. For basic services, I will usually do them myself, but if it's covered by warranty or I just feel like having it done for me, I let my dealer service dept take care of it.

Oil and filter change - $30.00
Front and Rear diff fluid change - $134.95
Replace air filter - $20.50
Cooling system flush - $134.95
Fuel induction service - $177.95
Power steering fluid service - $104.95
Transmission fluid and filter change - $255.95
Brake fluid flush - $115.95
Transmission flush - $177.95

Wheel alignment check - No charge.

Troubleshooting/Diagnostic charge - $80.00 (Waived if you have them do the service)

All fluids and parts used are : OEM/ Mopar
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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