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Ok, I have to say something as a 3 units-in-row-over-21-years GC owner.

I bought an absolutely stunningly beautiful 2013 GC-Hemi Laredo X, Black Metallic outer and solid black leather interior on 20' Premium wheels and tires in mid-October 2012.

It's now only March 2013, my Jeep has 6,000 miles on it and I can hardly find references or mentions of the 2013 I drive, in 2013, on this forum because of the apparent excitement and obsession over 2014's already!

It reminds me of the Iphone craze: You buy the latest, greatest version and barely get the new battery charged and when you look up from your new phone, everyone around you is chirping about the next model that isn't out yet, but people are planning to camp out in front of the Apple store in a pup tent for two days to get one.

And frankly, my 2013 looks like a real Jeep built in America, still, not a feminized Japanese-SUV looking version that 'smiles' as it goes down the street. Even my wife, who is not that into cars, mentioned to me that my GC's iconic grill, apparently the last model year they're going to offer it, "looks like a real Jeep."

So, yeah, I'm happy to report my continuing love affair with Jeep and the year 2013.
1 - 1 of 39 Posts
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