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I've had my 2012 Overland for over a year and one issue keeps bothering me.

The Screen for the in-dash Navigation system has no angle adjustment or Tilt Function. That means I have no way of adjusting the scrren to minimize or elliminate glare from the Sun. There have been many times where I can barely see (or not see at all) the display because the glare from the Sun is washing it out.

This happened a couple of times when I was backing out and couldn't see the rear camera. Other times, it washed out the display when I was using the Navigation.

And Jeep/Chrysler failed to correct this ommission in the 2014 models. :mad:

My old 2005 Toyota 4Runner Nav Screen had a Tilt Button that would change the angle of the screen by a few degrees with each press. The total adjustment range was about 20 degrees and there was never a time where I couldn't position it to elliminate glare so that the screen was readable.

I think it is pretty pathetic that Jeep/Chrysler haven't realized this when Toyota had figured it out almost 10 years ago. :(
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