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Wiper Nozzle problems.

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Ok, Another problem with my WK2.
With only 8,000 miles on it, one of the wiper nozzle in the hood will not spray like before.
So I open the hood and check for anything wrong, guess what??? is broken from the bottom and spraying all over the motor.
I am getting tired of the poor quality of parts in this jeep.
There are cars out there that have 50 years and wiper nozzles still work. Why this Pieces of S___ is already broken.
Now I have to go back to the service area which suck here and spend one week with out a car just because of a broken wiper nozzle.
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My Nozzels broke the other day. Bottom tube connectors basically deteriorated. pretty sure my toothbrush has higher grade plastic. But any ways, looks at getting the jeep replacement but they had to order it. Decided I would go to Auto zone and see if they had them. They had a pair OEM nozzels for 10 bucks. Figured it was worth a try. After installing them im not gonna lie. I think they are a better product than the Jeep parts. Very easy to install, no drilling or modifications are needed. Just pop off the old ones and put in the new ones. They spray pattern is able to be customized by moving the nozzle with a little tool that is supplied. Hope this helps! below is the part I bought.
Pilot Automotive/Windshield nozzle (AM-008) | Washer Nozzles |

Reviving an old thread here - but just wanted to thank all who posted on this topic and wta002 for the above post. My Jeep was stricken with the dreaded broken windshield nozzles and after a quick search of the Jeep Garage I purchased the replacements from Auto Zone & they work great. :cool:
The hose is too short and seems to be putting too much stress on the nipple which is breaking.

Had the same thought when I recently replaced both nozzles. But after maneuvering the hose around some or backing it off a little from each nozzle, that reduced the stress and gave some slack in the hose.
1 - 2 of 48 Posts
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