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mine flew off while driving down the road. I didn't know what it was that hit the windshield at first I thought it was a bumblebee [you know same size and all], by the time I realized it was my darn nozzle I went back to look for it. Figured I could just put it back on. You know how many black things that size there are along the side of the road that has recently been asphalt re-surfaced? A LOT! I didn't find it. Now I have to pay $20 to replace it? That's crazy! I have owned three Jeeps and this is the first time one of those nozzles just FELL OFF! I wasn't going more than 45 mph [just getting up to road speed] and it wasn't even windy out. I have driven 80 mph on the interstate and it didn't fly off! Is this something that others have had?
1 - 1 of 48 Posts
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