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Wiper Nozzle problems.

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Ok, Another problem with my WK2.
With only 8,000 miles on it, one of the wiper nozzle in the hood will not spray like before.
So I open the hood and check for anything wrong, guess what??? is broken from the bottom and spraying all over the motor.
I am getting tired of the poor quality of parts in this jeep.
There are cars out there that have 50 years and wiper nozzles still work. Why this Pieces of S___ is already broken.
Now I have to go back to the service area which suck here and spend one week with out a car just because of a broken wiper nozzle.
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Mine has this same issue with the passenger side. When I got home from the dealer, I thought the fluid was low. Opened the hood to fill it and noticed the hose had become disconnected. Put it back and never thought much about it again until this weekend when it happened again. I looked and it looks like the piece on the hood is broken and the hose just barely slips over it. I tried to use a hose clamp but there isn't enough for it to grip. When I took the hose clamp off, it fell down beside the engine and is there somewhere. I put the suspension on full lift and crawled under it but couldn't feel it sitting anywhere. Hopefully nothing bad will come of it :(

This coupled with a piece of trim that is falling off the passenger door window warrants a trip to the dealer for some warranty work :(
When you find it, try a small zip tie instead of a clamp.

Thanks. I gave up looking for it :( I tried a zip tie and there isn't enough there. I used three - on around the hose, one through a hole in the hood, and then one connecting the two. It is a complete ******* fix but hopefully it will hold.
Had same problem and my extended warranty did not cover that part

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Can I ask who the warranty is through?
It's through and I took the max coverage

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Thanks. Is that the Max Care warranty? Was it below the deductible? Just trying to understand as I have been considering switching plans and all information is good to have.
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