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Wiper Nozzle problems.

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Ok, Another problem with my WK2.
With only 8,000 miles on it, one of the wiper nozzle in the hood will not spray like before.
So I open the hood and check for anything wrong, guess what??? is broken from the bottom and spraying all over the motor.
I am getting tired of the poor quality of parts in this jeep.
There are cars out there that have 50 years and wiper nozzles still work. Why this Pieces of S___ is already broken.
Now I have to go back to the service area which suck here and spend one week with out a car just because of a broken wiper nozzle.
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Yes that's the one I have with 100.00 deductible . Now thinking about it the part was less then my deductible , that's why I paid for that nozzle part .

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Had same problem and my extended warranty did not cover that part

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Extended warranties are effectively scams. I would be most surprised if anyone has ever been saved from destitution by an extended warranty.
I have also had broken wiper fluid nozzle and broken wiper hose problems on my 2014 JGC Summit. And lots of other problems too. Your not alone... I have used the warranty and now extended warranty multiple times.
Number 2 broken nozzle, its not a cold weather thing. first one I took back to the dealer but this one I just ordered, Id rather pay the 20 bucks than waste a few hours of my day off at the dealer waiting around.

here is part number and link if anyone needs it

55372143AB Genuine Chrysler 55372143AB Windshield Washer Nozzle: Automotive

necro-bump, but my driver's side nozzle quit spraying. The fitting underneath the hood where the rubber hose connects cracked / broke, but I kinda-fixed it by pushing the hose further on. Then it quit working again and the plastic fitting completely crumbled.

Is this part off of Amazon everything I need? Might have to grab a non-OEM from AutoZone or something, as I need it by tomorrow and none of those options on Amazon are even in stock / shipping for another couple of weeks
The nozzles on my 2014 Overland broke a year or so after I bought it. Dealer replaced for free. Also found some on ebay or Amazon and have them on hand but haven't broken since.
Check out a Dorman 58112 nozzle available at most parts stores.
This is not new, FCA has been making crap nozzles for a long time. The nozzles on my 09 PT did the same thing. One broke "for no reason" on a Monday and on Friday the other one fell apart. While out hiking in the desert I came across a 70's vintage VW bug that had been left to rot decades ago in the desert sun. Little was left of it. But in the hood, which bicycle riders had been using as a ramp, was the original washer nozzle. It was plastic and still 100% intact. I yanked it off and even in the process of yanking it off it did not break. They don't make em like they used to.
Check out a Dorman 58112 nozzle available at most parts stores.
That's what I ended up with, from AutoZone. $15 + tax.

Only issue is that it sprays WIDE... my driver's side went out, and it probably over-shoots at least 1ft left of the windshield.
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