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WK2 Radar Detector - Mirror Power Tap

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Here is a DIY to tap power for a radar detector for a 2014 Overland. This may apply to a number of other WK2 models as well. While this is an easy DIY, modify your vehicle at your own risk. Poking the wrong wires or pulling too hard on trim can break something on your nice new truck. With that said, this should take someone with minimal skills 60 minutes or less, and MUCH faster if you are good with your hands. This is very easy on the DIY scale.

Tools and parts: Your hands, invisicord micro cable, and some zip ties. Just Google for "invisicord" and get one of the micro cables, should be about $20. You could make one on your own way cheaper if you want. I suggest getting at least a 20” cable. You won’t have enough cable to tuck a 12” invisicord cable into the headliner but it will be long enough to make the connection, however more of the cable is exposed.

We will tap a switched source so your radar detector will automatically shut off when you shut down your truck.

Remove the mirror assembly by grabbing the back of the plastic that rests against the window. The mirror assembly is made up of the mirror plus two pieces of plastic trim. They should all come off together fairly easily when pulling from the back.

Remove the piece of top piece of trim by pressing in on the sides near the top of the plastic. You can see one of the tabs in the second photo. This does not require much force.

Remove the bottom piece of trim by freeing the tabs shown in the third picture (already removed in the photo). Just a little more force than the last piece is necessary, not much.

]Remove the white harness connector by pushing upward on the tab near the bottom and then pulling the harness out.

Remove the blue harness connector by pushing inward in the middle of the harness, then pulling the black clip to the left. The harness will then pop out.

Now that everything is out of the way, the mirror moves freely. Place the positive inisicord prong into the bottom right slot of the harness that attaches to the back of the mirror. There should be a red/pink cable with a yellow stripe going into that slot. The connector should fit snuggly into the slot.

Place the negative invisicord prong into the slot immediately to the left of the one in step 6. There should be a black cable going into that slot. The connector should fit snuggly into the slot.

If you are looking straight at the connector, here are the two slots you want to plug into:

Test the setup by plugging in the other end of the power cable to your radar detector and starting the engine.

Reconnect the white harness by pushing it into the socket.

Reconnect the blue harness by pushing it into the socket and moving the black clip to the right until it locks.

This hex head bolt (first photo) is what holds the mirror to the windshield. The bolt has some raised edges to join itself to the socket that is on the end of the mirror (second photo). It attaches by first turning the mirror 1/6th of a rotation to the right (third photo), pressing the socket up against the bolt, then turning left 1/6th of a rotation. The mirror should now be secured to the windshield.

Tie up the cables and, optionally, tuck the cable behind the headliner to hide it. There is some space there and the headliner is easy to pull just a little bit. [/SIZE]Make sure your connections are still good before buttoning everything up.

Install the bottom piece of trim by aligning the tabs with the slot on the mirror. You will have to give the bottom of the trim a decent whack with the back of your hand to lock it in. You don’t have to pound on it, but a bit of a bump is needed.

Install the top piece of trim by snapping it into place.
This should go in pretty easy.

Grab a beer (or another), pat yourself on the back, you are done! Drive safely!!!
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I see white-on-white font. Pictures are visible.

Flipped JG skin to dark night to see the text.
I see white-on-white font. Pictures are visible.

Flipped JG skin to dark night to see the text.
I don't know if there is a way to fix that, seems like some use the dark skin and others do not. dark was the default, I have never changed mine.
And now for some reason I am unable to edit the post anyways.
Excellent instructions!

45 min to install with a BlendMount in a 2014 Limited.

Get the 20" length Invisicord with fuse, you'll need it to go up through the trim and back down to the detector.

The BlendMount model is the BV1-2008.

Thanks for blazing the trail on this installation. I really wasn't looking forward to popping off the mirror on my new 2014 but you were right, it came off really easy by just tilting forward on the bottom trim piece.
Thanks for the guide! Just did this on my Summit and getting the mirror back on the bolt was a PITA!
Thank you!! Saved me some guess work and possibly broken parts! Mirror came of easy and saved me some time trying to figure out which wires to use. Very interesting way the mirror comes on/off the windshield, but it works! Used the same blendmount off my old car, just had to use some vinyl to shim it so it would tighten down.

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:thumbsup: Excellent instructions! :thumbsup:
Thanks for this DIY! It really made it easier for me to install my V1 in a one-day-old 2014 Overland. There were a couple issue for me. One was that there was no blue connector. Mine is black. The other is that I tried to reattach the mirror after the plastic surrounds were in place. That did not work. I had to take the surrounds back off and then attach the assembly to the windshield. Even then, it was a bitch to get connected. But in the end it turned out just how I had hoped.
Definitely bookmarking this thread.

Great post OP!
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Thanks it worked well. Used a 9 inch Mirror Tap cord from Blendmount that I had form my 11 Overland. Had to use the Dremmel on the prongs to make them fit.
Done, Just did it.
Ok the trick is:
Press on both sides towards the back of the top elongated cover to release it and pull back from the mirror towards you from the top.
Then grab from both side the other black cover and pull both at the same time sideways to release the second part of the mirror back cover.
Once you have both covers out you dont need to pull the mirror out of the windshield.
Just tap on the plug you see there with black to the black cable and then the red to the Red/pink with yellow stripe.
Voila!!!! no need to pull the whole mirror down which is a pain to put back just took me 5 minutes.
Make sure you make the connection tight to the other cable or the cover will not fit correctly. Put the bottom cover first, give it a hard wack from the bottom to snap in place(not with a hammer Please with the bottom of you fist) and then from the top of the mirror install the other one.
Wowm getting thisnmirro back on is a gigantic pita!!! Still struggling.
Wowm getting thisnmirro back on is a gigantic pita!!! Still struggling.
Turn it on a 45* angle to line up the slots then twist straight. One of the easiest ones I've ever done.
I put up instruction to do it with out having to remove the mirror from the glass mount.
For a reason
Was turning it the wrong way. Turn it slightly clockwise, push and then rotate it on counter clockwise.

Glad someone else did this before me and posted instrustions. This could have been a disaster. Lol
Thanks guys for the info. I managed to get my really old (bought 2 vehicles ago) and short (6") invisicord to work in my 2014 Limited. The wiring harness routing was a little different in the Limited than the pics in the thread. There was nothing on the blackened area of the glass except the hex bolt/mirror holder. But I think the harness going to the mirror itself was the same. I tapped the same two wires (bottom right for +tive and left of it for -tive). V1 is cup-mounted to the left and above the mirror currently (due to the short cord I have). I may relocate it later.
I tried installing the wires to my 2011 WK2 and I couldn't get the wires into the white connector. Did you take out the wire going into the connector and solder them together or anything? I tried pulling (kinda gently) on the wires to get them out but couldn't. Maybe the wires from my detector are too big and won't fit into the connector with the others.

Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks
I done mine inside the light and sunglass console
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