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Hi all,

Looking to upgrade my standard MY13 Grand Cherokee tyres need for both on road and some off road work. Most branded type tryes in Australia are over $400.00 per corner and i could slice the side wall out on the first trip so don't want to spend that sort of money.

I have found 'MAXTREX' brand tyre seems to look OK and seems to have good load and speed ratings

Maxtrex SU800 All Terrain 265/60R18

Has anyone had any experience with these

They are very cost effective

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No idea about Maxtrex. I went for Bridgestone D697 for no other reason than they were the only LT tyre I could find that fitted the 18" rims exactly. I went for LT's because I too don't want to "...slice the side wall out on the first trip...". I haven't done enough k's yet to judge them but the D694 which they replace, had a good reputation.
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