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My concern with plastic dip or similar products is once rocks or even bugs start plastering it, how is it going to look?
one small chip and the pressure washer is going to have its way with it.
I’m interested in the one year review of pladtidipped chrome.
so far it looks great! And if nothing else shows what the modern overland should of looked like…
Chrome is an old man’s jewelry… looks cheap today.
Used plastidip on our 2014, even years later it looks great, everything but rims that stuff really works, you need at least 4-5 coats so it is thick...
I used white and black. White for the chrome mirror caps and the black exterior shark fin antenna on the roof.
Yes, the white will get yellowish over time but all I do is use paint polish and it is white again, doing that for years, now the WK2 is 9 years old and couldn't be more happy with PlastiDip or what ever it is called :) It is not shiny, it is flat white or black, even with that glossifier coating they sell...
1 - 1 of 12 Posts