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2022 JGC WL Overland 4X4
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So i have been working on my 2 row overland to remove all that Chrome.
The only replacement parts i got were the 7 grill rings (part number 7GS66DX8AA). I used Hyperdip Shadow black (similar to plasti dip) to hide all that chrome.
Still thinking about blacking out the rims. View attachment 248891 View attachment 248892
Looks fantastic! I see a summer project for myself!

My concern with plastic dip or similar products is once rocks or even bugs start plastering it, how is it going to look?
one small chip and the pressure washer is going to have its way with it.
I’m interested in the one year review of pladtidipped chrome.
so far it looks great! And if nothing else shows what the modern overland should of looked like…
Chrome is an old man’s jewelry… looks cheap today.
LOL, I agree, I hate all the chrome! My last SUV had the blackout package and I am struggling with all the chrome on this vehicle and all the $$$$ I see trying to get rid of it!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts