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WL Custom Order listed on Dealer Website

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For anyone that has placed a custom order, how many of you noticed it on your dealers website before you picked it up? How long from when it was listed did it take to arrive? And was the dealer ever way off on the delivery date?
My jeep (same vin) is listed on the dealers website as “recently arrived” but the last update I received from the dealer was that it was in storage waiting to be shipped.
I know it’s fairly common for them to list “sold” vehicles on the website to generate traffic, and I have an email into the salesman but I’m not patient enough for that :) Below is my timeline so far. I had a window sticker last week, but now it's showing as not available

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The vehicle is invoiced to the dealer and as far as I know it automatically appears in their inventory. I've ordered 4 of them and they've all
shown up in the inventory. It should show as "In transit" until it arrives on the dealers lot.
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