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2014 Summit 5.7 4wd 20" tires swapped to 18", added all skid plates
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I have an Overland that's loaded with all the tech and luxury packages (massage seats, night vision, steering assist, etc) and the manual just says they work automatically, if equipped.

Mine either don't work, or it doesn't have them, or they're broken. I've had auto dimming mirrors in a lot of different vehicles over the years (all German cars) and they worked really well. In my WL they don't seem to exist.

From the owners manual:

The outside mirrors will automatically adjust for glare from vehicles behind you. This feature is controlled by the inside automatic dimming mirror. The mirrors will automatically adjust for headlight glare when the inside mirror adjusts.

So it seems they should just work... no settings to turn them on or off. Any way to know if I should have them? From what I read, it should...
There was discussion of this a few months ago. There's a thread somewhere. The bottom line was you may or may not depending on what particular packages were ordered. If you have auto dimming mirrors there will be a small border around the edge of the glass that is slightly lighter in color then the rest of the glass. If you don't see that border you don't have auto dimming side mirrors.
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