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It looks like you're someplace like California? If you're not driving in snow that often, you may just want all season tires with more capability in snow (IE with the mountain/snowflake symbol). Nokian WR G4, Michelin CrossClimate2, VREDESTEIN QUATRAC PRO, Firestone WeatherGrip, etc. There is no 'best at everything' category, so you really need to decide your priorities and go from there. Some are 3 season snow tires but squishy in dry/warm, etc - it's sliding scale. I wouldn't think you'd want dedicated snow tires, but if you do, the Michelin Xice SNOW SUV are what I'm using, and they handle in the dry better than any other dedicated snow tire I've used (far better than Blizzaks).

Also know that any WK2 wheel 18" or larger should fit on your car if you want OEM wheels.
Yeah it never snows here. I’m planning on having a set of winter tires for heading up into the snow. Hopefully the TPMS system is easy to work with, as of right now I know very little about the Cherokee. My wife and I enjoy going into remote areas and exploring old abandoned towns etc, we plan on doing a lot more of it. Hopefully it’s somewhat capable.
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