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FWIW I've used the P3 for over a decade, and went with the Redarc unit on the WL and I like it better. When changing trailers it's easy to adjust the pressure, and it's fantastic when dropping a boat and taking the trailer up the road unladen. Spinning the little dial is a lot less 'fussy' than tapping the P3 buttons 20+ times to stop the trailer brakes from locking up with no weight on the trailer. Just push the knob in to activate full force if (rarely) needed - not as nice as a lever, but it still works and is very rarely used on a properly loaded trailer. Add that it's super easy to install, and the switch can be put almost anywhere, and the LEDs on the switch tell you it's working... Redarc all the way IMHO.
61 - 62 of 62 Posts