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WL Jeep GCLSR Order is Now Scheduled for Assembly

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Just thought I would share in case others are tracking the status of their build that the Jeep webpage is now showing that my GCLSR build has been scheduled for assembly. Unfortunately, no delivery date is provided but it's nice to see some movement after just being on order for over a month.
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They're playing in a price range where they should be offering something like that. Pick your car up, take it on an off road course at the delivery site and receive training/demonstration on all the vehicle features (ie when to use various terrain modes, etc)
The only off-roading you're doing near the plant is navigating the pothole filled roads in the area. Looks like Jeep's proving grounds are over near Chelsea, so probably 1-1.5 hours away or so. Factory tour would definitely be interesting, but the reality is the factories aren't really set up to handle those real easily - GM did an open house thing a number of years back through their factories in Lansing, and it was definitely a fascinating process, but I was also kinda amazed that they let us that close, I'm guessing their liability folks were probably in a near panic that day over the idea.
I think close to the factory would be tough, finding land to do it isn't really that practical. And while the proving grounds might be possible, they're not really that convenient for people that might be flying in from somewhere. Don't get me wrong, I think the idea in general is a good one, I just think it might be logistically a little tough. SE Michigan isn't exactly on anyone's long list of great places to do any off-roading :).

A number of years back Jeep had an event that I think they did in several locations that I think would be something that would be a good idea to bring back. I can't remember exactly what they called it, but they basically had a weekend where they had things set up so you could participate in several things - they had a small off-road track that you could drive one of several different jeep vehicles through with a rep guiding you. They were doing test drives of vehicles on the regular roads, and then they also had a small off-road area that was set up so that if you owned a jeep they allowed you to drive the off-road section. It wasn't anything extreme, but it was something that would at least let people get an idea of off-road driving without getting themselves into too much trouble.
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Don't think it was Camp Jeep, but not sure. I think they were doing some sort of extreme sports event at it too. It's been long enough that I think it was my 02 Jeep that I went to it in. Jeep Jamboree is definitely still a thing. I've always kinda wanted to do the Drummond Island one but never seem to get around to it (and I've never actually had a jeep with tow hooks already installed on it).
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