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WL Jeep GCLSR Order is Now Scheduled for Assembly

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Just thought I would share in case others are tracking the status of their build that the Jeep webpage is now showing that my GCLSR build has been scheduled for assembly. Unfortunately, no delivery date is provided but it's nice to see some movement after just being on order for over a month.
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I ordered a MY23 the beginning of May. It has been "scheduled" for a month now. No further progress according to the tracking site.
Ordered May 11th, tracking just updated today to say was in production yesterday, and estimated delivery date of Sept 16 (to Maryland). Funny thing is even with being in production, still says that the VIN is TBD, lol.
Did the tracker ever show you as "scheduled"? Or did it jump from "Order Confirmed" to "In Production"? Thanks!
It did, for something like the past month. Today it jumped from Scheduled to In Production. It seems to me that the tracker according to the progress bar updates the day after something happens. Obviously the estimated delivery date is a separate field and we will have to see how accurate that is as things progress further.
I don't think I ever saw D1. Just "D". Then it jumped to In Production today.
look at how many pickups going to Texas!!!! lol Pennsylvania is pretty high given its size respective to the list. Pick'em'up fans.
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My VIN appeared today as well. Still estimated delivery of September 18. I haven’t bothered the dealer through any of this. We will just see what happens.
The tracker updated mine to "In Production" on 8/10, with the "In Production" date of 8/9. It's been 10 days with no further movement nor a window sticker (the build sheet does come up). I find it odd that it would still actually be in production 10 days later, so I'm figuring the tracker is just lagging whatever is going on. Estimated Delivery remains at 9/18.
That's crazy to me that you got those timely updates. I ordered on 5/11, went to scheduled in the first couple of days of July (don't remember which single digit day), then on August 10th updated that it was in production on August 9th.......and has sat there since. Also, while there is a VIN listed, the window sticker link for that VIN says that the sticker is not available. I tried the Jeep chat last night to see about an update, and all they do is look up that same website and read it to you. They said they no longer provide status codes are any information more than the tracker website.
Apparently it actually spent over 2 weeks being built…

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I'm thinking it's just the tracking system lagging and killing the grass, as an old football coach of mine when I was young used to say all too frequently. ;) Your JGC was built in a single day along with as many as about 800-1000 others in the same factory if they were at full production. (I'm sure they are not due to supply chain) This has honestly been a typical problem with tracking for years now, especially since "insiders" lost visibility to real data.

'Glad yours is built!
I'd agree with that if the system lagged and finally updated to built with a previous date for when built. I'm unsure given the date posted (not just when it posted the date), and the fact that the delivery date has now moved to TBD. But let's see. If it's not here by September 20th, ballgame over since that is when my current lease has to either be turned in or bought.
wow. out of curiosity, what did the tracker say for "built", and where are you located? And congrats.
Looks like from your previous post that the tracker said "built" on 8/18? Makes me wonder (and gives me hope) if the date in the tracker is when they update it and not when it actually hit the milestone.
hmmm. "JB" is shipped to body vendor. Not sure what step requires that. Mine does have the sunroof and did take 15 days from "in production" to "built". But I didn't follow my build other than the tracker, so not familiar with the sub steps (didn't feel like pestering the dealer).
I don't have any specific knowledge, but that sounds more likely.
I believe it moves to "scheduled" when they confirm they have all the parts for YOUR build, as in "here is your bucket of parts for that vehicle".
My tracker STILL says "Shipped" is "TBD", but it had an ETA of Sept 15 at the end of last week. The it had an ETA of Sept 5 earlier this week.....and the dealer called me today so I have the vehicle now.
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Seems to me that the order banks were fluctuating during the ordering of 2023’s before they actually starting making them. So my guess is depended on the day you checked and placed your order.
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I spoke with dealers in MI, TN, SC, VA, and GA. When they went to try to build my vehicles, they were mandated by the build system to delete the eLSD.
That's why I think it had to do with the fluctuating order banks. Who knows what time during the same day they updated the system as well in terms of orders on the same day.
No idea. I started inquiring in June and ordered August 9. From initial inquiries to actual order, which spanned roughly two months, the eLSD delete was mandatory by all dealers I asked. They said they literally could not override anything to prevent it.
Sounds about right. Some of us ordered in May (myself May 11th), and there was a lot of flux and different experiences in the first month or two. Similar to how now you cannot get the panoramic sunroof on the Limited, or the Steel Grey interior on the overland, etc.
Your estimated ship date is pretty much your build date. If your ESD is today I would suspect the tracker will update to in production in the next couple days since it seems to be at least a day behind. The first thing that becomes public is the build sheet. You could check later today to see if your build sheet is populated by using this link and filling in your VIN at the end.

My estimated ship date was never my build date. I went to D1 (firm schedule) in the first week of July, with no ETA. Build date occured August 9th with then ETA of September 18. System marked it as "built" on August 24th with then an ETA of September 15th. That changed to an ETA of September 5th (while still showing shipped date as TBD), and then it was delivered on September 2nd.

I did get a build sheet shortly before it went into production, but did not get a window sticker until it was actually finished being built. So it might be a good indicator of when it is at least finished being build by checking for the window sticker.
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