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WL Jeep GCLSR Order is Now Scheduled for Assembly

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Just thought I would share in case others are tracking the status of their build that the Jeep webpage is now showing that my GCLSR build has been scheduled for assembly. Unfortunately, no delivery date is provided but it's nice to see some movement after just being on order for over a month.
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Appreciate this! Was asking for this from the dealer, and glad to now know. Unfortunately I’ll be waiting 37/39 days after WS.
Placed my GC L SR order on July 12, status went D1 on August 25th with an estimated ship of 9/6, the ship date has ratcheted out to 9/8 as of yesterday.. so we'll see..
Place our GC L Summit order Jul 15. Ember with the the 5.7 V-8. The order shipped on Sep 01. I’ve had no luck with the online tracker, all updates from my dealer.
LH, I'm in the same boat. My dealer has been the one who has really given me the real input as to the status of my build. Curious, does your GCLS have the eLSD or was it automatically deleted?
TJC, eLSD was automatically deleted.
I now recall you saying that you ordered yours on the same day that I ordered mine and thought it was odd that you could order the eLSD. I'm wondering if that is playing a role in your production date? I would be surprised if the rear entertainment is the issue as I would think that the rear entertainment system is likely to be installed by a separate contractor rather than on the production line (similar to the running boards).

EDIT: Just re-read Jake22's comment and it sounds like he has the eLSD so that would suggest that the eLSD is not the issue.
Interesting, I tried to get eLSD and was told I had no option, it had to be deleted.
For getting the eLSD option. Jake noted that some dealers are clueless. So how does one get around a dealer's cluelessness? I went to multiple dealers and they all stated the same.
TJC, Same here. And both largest dealers in their region.
As with all data the devil is in the details and getting more of it means we have a better sample size.

ordered-to-scheduled and scheduled-to-production are probably highly correlated to what you ordered (availability) and the dealer (backlog). That means both of these entries are likely not a great predictor.

production to built and built to shipped is probably going to be fairly uninform with some variance depending on what day of the week and if any holidays are between start/finish.

shipped to delivered is going to likely be location dependent but I wouldn't expect it to be very long in general.

Here is the current data. It would be awesome to get about 20 more samples though.

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2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Summit, V8, 4x4, eLSD delete
Order placed: Jul 15
D Status: Jul 21
D1 Status: Aug 18
In Paint: Aug 28
Pending inspection: Aug 30
Shipped: Sep 01
Arrived in OH: Sep 09
Arrived in MA: Sep 16
Arrived in NH: Sep 18
Picked up: Sep 22
Check Engine Light: Sep 24
Dropped of for Service: Sep 26
Bad brake booster module: Sep 26
Our new Jeep at Dealer: Sep 26
Estimated replacement part mid Oct
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