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WL Jeep GCLSR Order is Now Scheduled for Assembly

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Just thought I would share in case others are tracking the status of their build that the Jeep webpage is now showing that my GCLSR build has been scheduled for assembly. Unfortunately, no delivery date is provided but it's nice to see some movement after just being on order for over a month.
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Yep, my avatar is a pic of the SR I ordered. I'm in the Dallas TX area, ordered from Frisco CDJR...which seems to be a fairly high-volume dealer. I did add the rear seat entertainment system, so hoping that isn't the holdup on my progress...
I've updated my avatar with image of the GC-L Hemi Overland that I have ordered. I must be the only one here waiting for Hydro Blue? Mine was originally scheduled for 08/08 build -- delayed until 08/18. We'll see if it slips again. I'm in a small town, Maryville, in rural NW Missouri. I ordered mine @ the Tri-State CDJR here (same place I ordered my 2020 Gladiator Sport).

Hopefully all of our orders are built & on the way to us soon...
Today I found out, from my dealer, that my ship date has now slipped from tomorrow (Wednesday, 8/17) to Monday (8/22). Not a big deal if true but not confident it won't slip again; however, the Jeep tracker page is now showing my VIN number so maybe it is fairly close to being fabricated (or is fabricated) - who knows?. Also, my dealer informed me that she is still seeing the eLSD as a required delete. It looks like I'm going not going to be getting eLSD on my L.
The VIN on my order also appeared on the 'Vehicle Order Tracking' website today (8/16). :) Last time I checked, my ship date is 08/18...wondering if my ship date has slipped again as well? :)
My Vehicle Order Tracking status went from "Scheduled" to "In Production" today (8/18). Also Estimated Delivery now says "SEP-25-2022" instead of "TBD". Still no Build Sheet nor Window Sticker. Progress!
On 08/18, the tracker for my order went from 'Scheduled' to 'In Production'. On 08/20, the tracker went from 'In Production' to 'Built'. On 08/21, the tracker went from 'Built' to 'Shipped' -- The timeline shows 'Built' and 'Shipped' both occurred on 08/20. My estimated delivery date started at 09/05, went to 09/12, and currently is back to 09/05. I ordered on 07/08. This timeline, if it holds, is similar to the timeline I experienced fall 2019 when I ordered my 2020 Gladiator Sport S.

The window sticker appeared first, then a few hours later my build sheet appeared, all on 08/22.
Wow!!! Order tracking website says estimated delivery 'SEP-23-2022' ; Dealer JUST CALLED (08/26/2022) and said he just unloaded blue Grand Cherokee for us, would you like to pick it up this afternoon or tomorrow???

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Fresh off the truck -- center caps not installed on wheels yet.

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wow. out of curiosity, what did the tracker say for "built", and where are you located? And congrats.
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Congratulations! Does your GCL have a sunroof? I'm asking because my order is in production; however, in talking with my dealer, they are seeing it in "JB" status which she says sometimes they send the vehicle to a vendor to install the sunroof (which sounds weird to me).
Yes. Ours has the sunroof.
As with all data the devil is in the details and getting more of it means we have a better sample size.

ordered-to-scheduled and scheduled-to-production are probably highly correlated to what you ordered (availability) and the dealer (backlog). That means both of these entries are likely not a great predictor.

production to built and built to shipped is probably going to be fairly uninform with some variance depending on what day of the week and if any holidays are between start/finish.

shipped to delivered is going to likely be location dependent but I wouldn't expect it to be very long in general.

Here is the current data. It would be awesome to get about 20 more samples though.

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Amazingly, my GCL was AT THE DEALER (in lil' old Maryville, MO) on 08/26, after being built on 08/20!!!
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