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WL Jeep GCLSR Order is Now Scheduled for Assembly

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Just thought I would share in case others are tracking the status of their build that the Jeep webpage is now showing that my GCLSR build has been scheduled for assembly. Unfortunately, no delivery date is provided but it's nice to see some movement after just being on order for over a month.
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I now recall you saying that you ordered yours on the same day that I ordered mine and thought it was odd that you could order the eLSD. I'm wondering if that is playing a role in your production date? I would be surprised if the rear entertainment is the issue as I would think that the rear entertainment system is likely to be installed by a separate contractor rather than on the production line (similar to the running boards).

EDIT: Just re-read Jake22's comment and it sounds like he has the eLSD so that would suggest that the eLSD is not the issue.
His is a Canadian build and he is a retired Jeep employee.
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🤬 Still sitting in Jessup, MD waiting on a truck since 12/19. ETA was 1/2/23, now says TBT. 4 months and counting..............😧
When mine hit TBD status it arrived in about 3-4 days.
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