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WL Jeep GCLSR Order is Now Scheduled for Assembly

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Just thought I would share in case others are tracking the status of their build that the Jeep webpage is now showing that my GCLSR build has been scheduled for assembly. Unfortunately, no delivery date is provided but it's nice to see some movement after just being on order for over a month.
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You will discover that after a whole bunch of "hurry up and wait", your vehicle will actually built in a single day (along with as much as a thousand others in normal times) and go through a whole bunch of tracking milestones very quickly such that they will not even show up.
It probably also heavily depends on supply chain issues WRT the specific model/options, and then it can get delayed after ‘basic production’ if it then has to be sidetracked for installation of certain things like running boards, mud flaps, PPF, etc which are often done at a secondary installation facility at the factory.

If your order is ‘simple’ it can be done right now in a day, but if it was placed behind a bunch of others who get the limited availability parts first, you could end up with supply chain deletes or stalled assembly due to secondary facility backlog for similar reasons.

it’s just a mess these days, on top of normal model year changeover.
… regardless all Michigan gets winter. Always better to have a dedicated winter tire setup.
he may not want or need ATs as the main tire setup but the logic applies to all season tires too.
Yes I was considering lake effect snow, which may or may not apply to their situation
I grew up in the western Michigan snow belt, and snow tires were a no brainer. I went to college in Ann Arbor (SE MI) and while you didn't need them every day there, if you go up north to ski or snowmobile, you still will be happy you bothered.

For those looking, the new Michelin X-Ice SUV tires are the best I've ever seen in 35 years of mostly Blizzaks. They are more stable in the dry (not squishy like Blizzaks), and the soft, grippy component in the tread compound is found all the way through the tread. Blizzaks only use the sticky silica compound on the top 1/3 of the tread block, which means once the Blizzaks wear down a couple of seasons or so (depending on use) they aren't much better in on snow and ice than all season tires. Michelins for the win, as they also seem to have more grip than the Blizzaks even have on snow and ice when new.

As someone who used to go to the track and has bought a lot of tires in search of a performance edge, and has decades of pretty aggressive snow driving behind them, I can assure anyone this recommendation is not some sort of 'post purchase validation' - they really are that good. Tire Rack has a good comparison test of them.
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I hear you. Snow tires are noisier when just eating miles on clear pavement, which could suck for driving back and forth as well as around in SC. Sounds like you have the right mentality towards what you are doing.
That's not true with top tier studless snow tires. My new Michelin X-ice SUV tires were quieter than my stock A/S Bridgestones, and handled nearly as well on dry/wet pavement. That said, they would probably still wear too quickly in the southern summer sun. They're otherwise pretty uncompromising on dry roads compared to the Blizzaks (still quiet) and others I've owned over the years, and unlike the Blizzaks they use the same sticky compound through the entire tread block, vs the top third, which is 'squishy' handling on the Blizzaks. The Michelins are hands down really good, snow/wet/dry, for a dedicated snow tire.
My order was placed about a couple weeks ago, but the exec referral manager says he can get them built and shipped very quickly. Mine is also a lemon replacement order, and is just awaiting build status to confirm revisions to override the eLSD delete and change the color.

Any data regarding those types of orders is not relevant to normal order delivery timelines so I wouldn’t include them in your spreadsheet.

If they have all the parts, they can build the car in a day or two.
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They can produce like a thousand vehicles a day in each your actual "build time" is far shorter than a "day or two"!!
Yes, but if you have options like PPF/mud flaps/running boards or other things that’s often done in a separate shop after it comes off the line, which means it takes a day or two by the time it goes from nothing but parts to QC and ‘finishing’ or whatever they call all that.

At least that’s generally how other makers work, I don’t know about the WL plant specifically.

Some cars, like the Bronco raptor, can’t even get the right wheels on until after it rolls off the line due to the width, for instance.
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What is this "" website? Is this provided by Jeep?

Mine shows estimated 45 days to arrival, started build yesterday. My Executive Referral Manager (this is a buyback replacement) told be he could have it here (Jackson, WY) by 12/18, and if I don't get it by the end of the year I owe taxes on the buyback (that side of the deal is already completed b/c replacements aren't allowed under WY law). So, I'm wondering whether there's anything to the ETA date listed, or if that is just a standardized number not applicable to my situation?

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They must have some kind of back end API access, granted by Jeep.
Mine was also eLSD deleted. Probably why they are able to turn these orders around faster now.
I had to fight to get the eLSD delete reversed, and I was probably only able to b/c mine is a replacement vehicle order and I live in Wyoming, where they would believe I actually have a need for it. They've been prioritizing them for Trailhawks and Canadian models when the supply runs low, which is fair enough, given as most SR's will not ever be driven anywhere in most of the US where they would need them. It's such a shame you can't get the full quadradrive setup on whatever trim level you want, like back in the good old days when you could have cloth seats, a V8, and the top spec 4x4 system.
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Mine is finally on the train today. The 'secondary facility' added a lot of time to the build (running boards, PPF, mud flaps, etc). It also had literally every option box ticked, so that probably added time, and I was able to get the eLSD delete removed. Everything but the color I wanted, but I'll be ordering another one when the Hurricane comes out and I can get Midnight Sky with the eLSD.

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Looks like ours might have been neighbors for awhile.
Now they have been split up, yours going West and mine coming East...
Did yours get the eLSD, or was it a mandatory delete?
Sorry to hear that, I was curious as I've been fighting for a long time to get mine, even working with their 'executive referral manager'. I got it, but only because mine is a replacement vehicle and I plead my case hard.
My Midnight Sky Summit with eLSD delivered last Wednesday, fyi. I ordered July 15th though.
Well, color me jealous. I tried for ten months to get that color, but my executive referral manager ghosted me for four months, during which it was available. When I finally got fed up and called the buyback department to just go ahead with it, the color was no longer available. Neither was Baltic Gray, my second choice. At least I got the eLSD, though.
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Here’s mine this morning. All plant paint shop defects polished out and full ceramic coating is getting finished up! eLSD on board 😁
When you say paint defects polished out, what defects do you mean?

Fish eye? Minor shipping stuff? Orange peel? I haven't seen a new car in a while that didn't have orange peel, so I just expect to accept that, but I'm curious what you had to correct. Love the color, wish I could have gotten it, but hopefully I'll be able to order a 3 row with eLSD, Midnight Sky, and a Hurricane motor before too long.
Mine has 'priority shipping' status, so it's on a train, heading to MT, where it will then have to wait for a truck to bring it to Jackson Hole. My dealer thinks I'll have it by the third or forth week of January, but not to plan on seeing it until the end of the month most likely (it's always hard to get vehicles delivered here in the winter, I've done it plenty of times with private shipping and sometimes had to meet the trucks further away and drive the car the rest of the way myself). In this case they said there's no way to just drive up to the rail yard and get it yourself, they've tried plenty of times, so I just have to wait.

I also repeatedly asked if they had any kind of 'factory delivery' option that I could fly back to Detroit to pick it up with my son and take a factory tour, but the question was repeatedly ignored by my 'Executive Referral Manager'. Really disappointing that a brand with such an active fan base has no such options. They're playing in a price range where they should be offering something like that. Pick your car up, take it on an off road course at the delivery site and receive training/demonstration on all the vehicle features (ie when to use various terrain modes, etc), then have it detailed while you take a factory tour (or just a training session on a demo car)? Come on, Jeep! I would think there would be plenty of takers for something like that... My guy couldn't even be bothered to address the question. Yeesh.
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Mine finally arrived after sitting in the rail yard for weeks. VIP 'Executive Referral Manager' high priority production and shipping only took four freaking months, and I'll be ordering another one in Midnight Sky (the color I was promised as 'one of the first off the line eleven months ago) when the Hurricane is available (with an eLSD - I did at least get that).

Overall it looks nicer in person than I expected, although I'd rather it wasn't the same color as my lemon (I couldn't get Baltic Gray either). I've added Lamin-X tint strips to the front orange reflectors and red lower rear reflectors (still visible at night) and the Canvasback cargo liners. Just finished a 2400 mile road trip, and so far it's an enormous improvement on my last one. I'll do a writeup on my impressions vs the '21 Overland when I have time.

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I really like the wheels (y)
The only thing I don't like is they're a PITA to clean - a special brush is going to be required to clean inside the smaller triangles to clean the brake dust and dirt off.

I like the 'charcoal' color better than gloss black on everything but the black cars, but I think 'black wheels' are a bit played out (to each their own). These are just light enough to be different, and I think Jeep made a good choice with the color. They seem to be similar to my snow tire wheels, which are the 'luster/matte' finish wheels from the 80th anniversary WK2 (20"). I'll get photos of them side by side when I get them mounted soon.
Good point on the cleaning. But they "look" great! lol.
I like the way they look better than my 20" WK2 wheels (my snow tire setup), but the WK2 wheels are WAY easier to clean. Vanity is never cheap or easy, I guess.

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Sarge - nice-looking wheels. Were those ordered directly through Jeep or elsewhere? Also, glad to hear that this vehicle is working better for you than your last one.
The 21” wheels are the factory HA wheels. The 20” are the factory WK2 80th anniversary wheels (w WL TPMS). The paint color on both wheels is nearly the same, but the 21s have a gloss finish, and the 20s have sort of a matte/luster finish.
The only off-roading you're doing near the plant is navigating the pothole filled roads in the area. Looks like Jeep's proving grounds are over near Chelsea, so probably 1-1.5 hours away or so. Factory tour would definitely be interesting, but the reality is the factories aren't really set up to handle those real easily - GM did an open house thing a number of years back through their factories in Lansing, and it was definitely a fascinating process, but I was also kinda amazed that they let us that close, I'm guessing their liability folks were probably in a near panic that day over the idea.
Yeah, but they could schedule truck transit to take delivery at the proving grounds, or build something near the plant. Yes, I know, that's a bunch of money, but for America's premier off road brand, looking to move upmarket into Range Rover territory, they should really have some kind of offering like this. Others do, so it's not that crazy of a suggestion. Given the down-market nature of most of their dealers, they should be setting the standard for them with something like this. As it is, its just kind of 'meh, here's your car keys, sorry about the wait'. Even though most people wouldn't consider doing it, there would be enough people to make it worthwhile I would think, and it would give a little polish to the brand in the form of the opportunity alone.
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