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WL Jeep GCLSR Order is Now Scheduled for Assembly

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Just thought I would share in case others are tracking the status of their build that the Jeep webpage is now showing that my GCLSR build has been scheduled for assembly. Unfortunately, no delivery date is provided but it's nice to see some movement after just being on order for over a month.
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Mine is now off the rail car in MD. I suspect that likely means next step is truck to final destination in Vienna, VA? My wife's remains in final inspection, which makes no sense. I think my vehicle remained in final inspection for only one or two days.
Just hope that doesn't mean they found an issue in final inspection.
That was my first thought. I'm going to give them the benefit of doubt and believe it is because my wife's order is not a "standard" color combo like mine is, and thus took longer since "in production" and "built" are two very different things and "in production" has many different steps. It now shows built status with yesterday's date.

I don't like that my wife's vehicle entered production status on a Monday (mine was a Thursday), but don't these factories work every single day?
Mine is off the train in MD as well, next I guess is truck to VA..
What does your delivery date now show? Mine just bumped back ten days to 10/24. My wife's remains at 11/1.
My wife's window sticker just became available and reflects the higher base price. Waiting on Koon's to confirm that we have locked in pricing from our order date of August 9. I'm going to be pissed if it was not somehow locked in!

vs. mine, where ONLY difference should be added fee for my wife's paint color:

I've found the tracker to match what my dealer states, except yes, the dealer has more details with the codes. Mine is expected to arrive at the dealer this week or next, which will be interesting given my travel schedule, and my wife's is still expected end of month or first part of November.
Below is my GCLSR:
Nice, exact combo of mine except I went with a Summit--cannot get the tires I want with 21" rims, otherwise I would have gone with the SR for both.
Mine arrived at dealer today. I'm discussing with them whether I'll fly up on the 15th or 22nd. My wife's is running about 3 weeks behind mine, at this point, so two different trips unless something suddenly changes with hers.
I fly up on the 22nd to pick up my GCL Summit/HEMI, Bright White/Tupelo. Best color combo in my opinion...I keep joking with my wife she's going to wish she went with it instead of Velvet Red/Steel Gray, LOL.

My wife's estimated delivery just moved forward to 10/27. If that holds true, I would want to take delivery of both at same time. The delivery of my order to the dealer actually was a day ahead of the most recently published date (still shows in-transit even though dealer has it). I really do not want to make two trips to that part of Virginia...
My wife's vehicle is stuck in OH! I truly feel sorry for it.
I took delivery of mine on October 22, order date August 9. Not bad, which included two week wait for the dealer to prep and me to have time to travel to pick it up.

My wife's should be arriving any day now and we are currently planning for me to pick it up on November 5.
Dealer confirmed my wife's vehicle arrived today, so I fly up on the 5th to pick it up! Already have appointments for new tires and tinting on both.
What tires? This forum was great in getting sizing for KO2's for my 2018, wondering what everyone is putting on the WL
Michelin CrossClimate 2. We spend a lot of time in Michigan and will eventually move up there, so I need something that is friendlier on snow and ice without being torn to shreds by Southern heat.
It is Petoskey/Harbor Springs. When it becomes full-time is unknown, which is why the CC2s are ideal best blend between needs of both states. When we live up in MI full-time, I will buy dedicated sets of winter tires.
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I grew up in the western Michigan snow belt, and snow tires were a no brainer.
As I said, when we are in MI full time, we will have dedicated snow tires. Until then, I need tires that will not absolutely kill themselves on warm pavement when we return to the South Carolina where we still spend most of our time (unfortunately). This time of year, Michigan could have snow and ice and then I drive back to SC and it'll be 80 degrees.
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Our window stickers itemized the Wireless Charging Pad. It's slow but it does work if the phone stays pretty well centered in the cubby.

Use this link to look up your build sheet by replacing the existing VIN at the end with yours. If it populates, it'll be quite lengthy. This is my build sheet, page 9 indicates wireless charging pad:
FYI, my deliveries were 10/22 and 11/5. They each arrived at the dealer about 10 days before I picked up on the dates I just indicated.
Thanks do you have your other missing dates in the table?
Vehicle 1:

Order Confirmed August 9, 2022
Scheduled August 31, 2022
In Production September 15, 2022
Vehicle Built September 20, 2022
Shipped September 26, 2022
Arrived at dealer October 10/11, 2022 if memory serves correctly
Took delivery October 22, 2022

Vehicle 2:

Order Confirmed August 9, 2022
Scheduled August 31, 2022
In Production September 19, 2022
Vehicle Built October 3, 2022
Shipped October 11, 2022
Arrived at dealer October 26, 2022 if memory serves correctly
Took delivery November 5, 2022
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My experience was once the vehicle is shown as having arrived at Jesup, MD, it is about 5 days for it to arrive at Koons and then another 2-5 days for them to prep it for delivery.
He also said they need 48hrs to look over the vehicle. Seems like a very long time to look over a vehicle but whatever. H
From what Craig told me, they perpetually have around 1,000 factory orders at a time. That means they are receiving quite a few customer orders, not to mention their own stock, and so it takes a bit of time to inspect and clean them up. When they say they detail them, I believe it is true--I found wax remnants on both of our GCLs.
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