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WL Looking for recommendations for a roof rack

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Hi all, I'm looking for recommendations for a roof rack and cross bars. I'd like to have something very similar to what the 4Runner TRD Pro has, nice and big and close to the roof. I've seen lots of crossbars on Amazon but they all look like they are so tall that the rack would stick up very far, are there any that mount straight to the rails?

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Racks are high to clear the sunroof.

Can easily mock up your own mounts, as there are pre drilled/tapped places to screw into on the rails... and is what OEM uses.

I bought the cheap Amazon bars, Amazon and they work flawlessly, but are as high as the OEM, and I remove them when I don't have my Thule on.... Which takes less than 5 minutes.
I have a Thule cargo box, Evo or Atlantis 1800 I think... Don't remember exact box as it's 10 years old now.

The crossbars I bought was the ones from amazon I linked above.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts