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WL Nice subtle changes over WK2

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Still finding minor changes that are much improved over the previous gen.

This weekend I noticed...

1. The front camera in the windshield has heat strips in front of it now to defrost the cameras view.

2. The power windows are smoother and really quiet compared to the WK2's.

What are others you've noticed?
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Here's hoping the WL2 comes sooner rather than later.
As an aside, whatever it is, it will not be called that. :). "WK2" is actually a made-up name because Jeep, in their infinite wisdom actually forgot to change the manufacturing code when they switched from making WK to what came next in 2010. So the Internet invented "WK2" to differentiate the 2005-2010 platform from the 2011-2022 platform. 2022 is interesting because there was parallel production (time wise) of both early WL-74 and "WK2" (Laredo and Limited only) for a short period of time. Whatever comes after WL will likely be WM as has been mentioned and that's most likely at least five years out if you look at the most typical life of a given generation.
If they can come up with WL and WL-L the sky's the limit for confusing designations. :rolleyes:
Of course, it's technically WL-74 and WL-75. :) The JGC-L is the latter. :) :D
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Well, apparently they will be called the WL74-2 (2 row) and WL75-2 (3 row), if this post from another Jeep forum is 'real', and it does appear to be the same as other internal Stellantis document formatting.
That table you show appears to be for the future...look at the start of program (SOP) dates. :) Perhaps the "two" is for a refresh? No way to know that at this point. WL74-2 and WL75-2 could be placeholders for a future official designation...likely WM if they stick to the sequence history...that they just don't want to put in print now.

For the moment, WL74 (2 row) and WL75 (3 row) are unique already in their current form.
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