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WL Nice subtle changes over WK2

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Still finding minor changes that are much improved over the previous gen.

This weekend I noticed...

1. The front camera in the windshield has heat strips in front of it now to defrost the cameras view.

2. The power windows are smoother and really quiet compared to the WK2's.

What are others you've noticed?
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God help you if there is ever a problem with the seats is what's behind the rear trim panel ..dont let your kids kick the seats.. :)
God gives the buyer the wisdom to buy extended warranty and provides the finances necessary to make that happen.

As for the general presence of massage seats in cars, good ergonomics are hyper important. I interpret it as adjustable. Anything that can put me to sleep or place me in a state of "torpor" is no go.
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I'm sure it's a great vehicle but, it's going to take a lot of growing for me. Here's hoping the WL2 comes sooner rather than later. I must admit the interior is great though.
You realize that WK2 was made between 2011 and 2022 (11 years) with a facelift/tech/drivetrain upgrade in 2014 and a tech upgrade in 2018. You will be waiting for WL2 = WM a LOOONG time...
I guess they may not be for everyone but if you’re trying to convince yourself you did the right thing by not getting them…I’m here to tell you they are worth every penny.
I have the full massage chair treatment at home and when I use it I fall asleep rapidly. So no...I know myself better.
The other thing I would not have gotten, if it was an option, was ventilated seats. We use them in the WK2, but not enough to convince me to never buy another car without.
I am glad I was able to avoid the sunroof. I used it 3 times in nearly 10 years and it was in the first year only. It adds complexity, weight (affecting the Cg) and can leak, as others have already experienced.

I wear polarized Wiley X. HUD would have been something to use...exclusively at night. At the end of the day another 5-6 grand would not have been a dealer killer. If I wanted more car, I would have gotten more car. I didn't because I didn't want.

I have night vision. I do not really use it. I sometimes enable it just so that it can warn me upon detection, but I do not drive with the thermal vision showing on the screen. It is too distracting.
we can agree to disagree.
I like the progression and raised standards in the WL.
I suppose the ambient lighting causes a glare that makes night driving dangerous and heads up display strains the eyes and pulls focus away from the road?
different strokes for different folks

i have no use for the hands free driving that’s rumoured, so I can see my thinking aligning more with yours as we move towards a less driver focused world. Eventually I’ll be cursing technology too.
There's nothing to disagree about. I like technology and you might be surprised of some of the things I have or do. My security cameras alert me based on AI recognition of a person and I run my own home server (self built). I want to upgrade my desktop from a 12 core to a 16 core for those 6 times a year when I edit vacation videos. But my Samsung Note 9 phone is from 2018. I have only specific uses for technology and I have not convinced myself that certain things are worth the money because I cannot take advantage of them all the time. In some ways I am very much a simpleton.
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