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2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Summit
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Just installed a Redarc Tow Pro Elite on my 22 Jeep Garand Cherokee WL74. I have the trailering package so their TPH-004 wiring kit works with the WL. I installed it all behind the lower panel below the steering wheel. wish I had my friend here to video it but he showed up just as i finished, 1st you remove the carpet piece under the dash. 2 common push pins hold it in. There are two 7mm screws that hold the panel on. The Pannel pops out. Then you unplug everything on the panel. I put the controller switch above the dimmer switch. I had to trim some off the switch housing. You drill a 1" hole if you use the piece that comes with the switch that says Trailer brake. a 10mm hole if you dont want to use that. I drilled two holes in the steering column support to mount the controller. It has to be in any position but cant be able to move at all. I tucked all the wiring up with zip ties and put it back together. no problem. took no time at all. Ill try it out soon.
Nice to include the pics, but WOW, I've seen less on engine swap threads ;)
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