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Yes I turned it all the way up to the highest setting. Test drive another one today. I think the air cabin filter may be slowing it down. It’s cooling down in Phoenix so it won’t be as much of an issue.
As an owner of both platforms that also lives in phoenix, I can say that the problem starts with the fact you’re in phoenix. The dealer cars are sitting in the sun in a parking lot all day every day. Add to that the fact that the interior of the L is much larger than the WK2, so you have more volume to cool. And then you’re likely getting in your WK2 in a garage where temp is maybe 75-95 and driving a car with AC on max for a while and acclimating to it on your drive, then immediately jumping into a vehicle that’s 140 in the interior and wondering why it’s not the same temp as what you just got out of within a few minutes.

The only knock I will say to it is that the physical vent sizes are actually smaller too, which probably moves less air.

I thought the same thing when I first bought my L. You know when I noticed the immediate difference? When the vehicle sat in my garage overnight and I drove it the next day. My wife and kid complained about being too cold in it the next day.

Long story short - you just need to give it more time to cool down, you’re cooling much more volume and it’s too hot out for that.
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