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2021 Grand Cherokee L Summit
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First of all, the Tupelo is outstanding. I went out of State to get it and it looks spectacular compared to the black.

Of the colors mentioned, I would go with the white in combination with the black roof. That would have been my choice but the white exterior was nowhere to be found so I have a black one - the ONLY color I could get with the Tupelo. I have to say though it is a great match as well.

I had a grey color on a previous Audi Q7. Grey and silver look fine as well but what I'm not a huge fan of is that those colors tend to blend too much with the street surface - something you don't have to deal with on the white version which just pops - especially with the black roof.
I have the White Summit with Tupelo interior and I LOVE it. Highly recommend! Feel very fortunate to have found it....
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