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2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee limited WL. Had 18" stock wheels on and bought 20" wheels that the seller said came off a jeep overland 2019. They have a white Jeep symbol on the wheel. Anyway took jeep to the shop and got the first wheel on. I noticed that the wheel was pressing on the caliper. So went to advance auto parts and got some $17 white knight wheel spacers 5/16 thick. And it worked. I'm just curious because I really wasn't paying attention to how much hub clearance I had. Does anybody know how much the hub sticks out on the 22 JGCWL?? So now I'm nervous to drive thinking these wheels are riding just on the lug bolts. I order a decent pair online for around$200 and they are hub centric. Which means they have a round lip for the tire to sit on. I'll feel much safer than. And I drove all day yesterday and today and all was good then on the way to the store as I was driving tpms lights come on and beeping sound. Dash says Tom's unavailable. Not giving me pressure for any tires. I am going to take the ones out my stock 18 inch wheels and put them in the 20"s. Maybe they on a different frequency. I'm just curious to know where these wheels came from. And why I would need spacers. Any help would help and be appreciated.
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