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When I bought my 22 WL74 Overland with the 10.1" UConnect 5 i tried to hook up wireless android auto. it was very unreliable and never worked for more than 30 min or so then wouldn't work again until I unpaired the phone and reinstalled android auto. It would work again for a while. I noticed the DIRECT-34-AndroidAP come up as a wifi signal available for my phone to connect to. DIRECT-34-AndroidAP is the direct link for android auto to hook up through wifi to the jeep. I set up the free ATT wifi and the Direct-34-androidap disappeared. Well after my free Att trial ran out the Direct-34-android ap started showing up again. But it was taking like 10 min for it to relink up on my phone. It tries to link up but fails for 10 min or so. Now the Direct-34- doesn't even show up anymore. Android auto dose not work wirelessly but does fine hooked up to usb. Anyone have problems with wireless android auto? did you fix it? View attachment 244900 View attachment 244901
Same issue with a 2022 Overland. Here's to hoping an update fixes it! 🍻
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