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Here is an update on the unstable connection with CarPlay and Android auto (both wired and wireless).

My dealer has been great but the problem is not yet solved. I dropped it off on 10/25. They tried a test antenna and it seemed to fix it so they ordered a replacement antenna and installed it. It was slightly better but still disconnecting. Engineering worked with them and had them install a replacement harness that the antenna connects to. This made it worse. More work with engineering. They tried multiple combinations of antennas and harnesses on my jeep and others. Conclusion: needs a new uconnect unit likely due to faulty wiring within the uconnect unit.

I left it at the dealer a extra week hoping to get a new unconnect unit, but no luck. After 2.5 weeks I picked it up. Dealer can't even get an eta on the part they ordered. Looks like i'll be stuck with this situation indefinately.
Sorry this has been a bother, Itwasntmenosir! If you need assistance with expediting the part, feel free to message us your VIN, mileage, phone number, email, and servicing dealer. We can escalate a case on your behalf with the Jeep specialist team for you.

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