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Wrangler bending valves?

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I've got a 15 wrangler that keeps bending valves on the driver's side. A new head was installed and it did the same thing.
Has anybody ran into an issue with these or knows of a particular "trick" to installing them?
It must be a timing issue but it all looked correct before running the engine.
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When you say keeps bending valves I assume it's happened more than once?
if the valves in the first head were bent, and they bent in a new head, then you have a timing problem for sure .
what timing procedure are you following and what was checked when it bent the valves the first time?
I've never seen a 3.6 bend valves and I work on a LOT of them
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Following up on what Crosshairs said ^ might want to pull the spark plugs and look at the piston tops with a borescope.
They're not all that expensive at HF tools.
I have since discovered a little more info.
Apparently my mechanic was not using the right procedure when torquing down the phazers along with some other procedural errors. I thought he knew what he was doing.
My error was to "think" and not know.
Thank you gentlemen as always you guys are always ready to help. I love this forum.
Thanks for the update.
So was it somehow a phaser problem with the original head bending valves?
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