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Thank you FCA for another pointless update and for taking functionality AWAY. *Vent Warning* :) No Android Auto and now the music is screwed up. Others have mentioned some of this in other posts, but I wouldn't have upgraded if I knew this. (Maps didn't get updated...did they?) Shuffle will no longer shuffle all of your files like it used to. It will only Shuffle the songs in that folder. DUMB!!! Also...when it gets to the last song in the goes back to the first song in the folder instead of going to the next folder like it used to. How could the people programming UConnect not see this. Infotaintment just got a lot LESS fun!! :lol:

Who cares about dragging the icons? In my 2014 JGC I see no benefit to this upgrade. Wow..a new voice for GPS. It BROKE my music.

*If anyone has a fix, please let me know...but I doubt it.

Can anyone that has updated please list the benefits to the new update in the hope that it will cheer me up?

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