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I have had my Overland V6 since mid July and the rear end has had a small leak since day one. So this week I get round to taking it in to get the Pinion Seal replace. I really didn't want to too because it had all but stop but was seeping a little. Well needless to say, the new seal leak more than ever. More than a little upset, I take the beautiful 2014 Overland back to the dealer and they hand me the keys to a 2011 POS Dodge Caravan I look at the service guy and say you have to be kidding me... He says I have a Patriot coming back in 30 minute if you want to wait... I say a minivan or a fake Jeep just doesn't matter give me the van. Leave with the van go eat dinner with the kids come out, my 10 year old son says... Hay Dad the tires on this side are almost flat I go around and yep both tires on the passenger side are almost flat. Back to the dealer.. Oh sorry... that van wasn't ready we need to fix those tires""""""""" More mad now..... I say just give me the Patriot so I can leave... So I get a call this morning the seal that they replaced 2x is still leaking and Jeep told the to try to replace the retaining ring and the the seal this time.... Here's the kicker.... they don't sell the retaining for the 2014 ZF rear end you have to replace the whole rear end!!!! and they have to wait a week for the thing to come in... I better start liking the Patriot I guess..
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