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Condenser leak? Please help verify.

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Was working on my 2014 Grand Cherokee today and noticed green/fluorescent fluid in the right and left front areas of the engine compartment/radiator/condenser area.
I'm figuring this is dye in the AC refrigerant oil.
And therefore, I figure I have a leak from the condenser and it needs replacement.
Or could it be fittings/pipes leading to/from the condenser?
I'm not that familiar working on Jeeps... is this a common issue?
And how hard is to replace the condenser?
(I've done a lot of work on Audis and Porsches, so am quite handy).
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So I understand the need to add transmission oil.
Regarding replacing the condenser, there is obviously some compressor oil in the old compressor (and I've lost some due to the leakage). Is there a recommended amount of oil that I should add to the new condenser and if so, just add it directly into the condenser?
yes, you need to add oil to the AC condenser, you can pour it directly into one of the fittings. The recommendation is to pour out all the existing oil into a measuring cup and add back that amount into the new condenser. My thinking is there is no way you will get all the old oil to drain out, some of it will just sit inside coating the insides so I add an additional ounce to the amount that drains out.
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